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March 18, 2022

Tixati version 2.89 is now available. This is a major update with several important changes:
  • several memory optimizations in Transfers and Channels to reduce per-peer RAM consumption
  • custom download and move-on-complete path selection no longer overwriting on new single-file transfers after meta-data resolved
  • bandwidth statistics for Categories now persist between program restarts
  • bandwidth chart Clear option now rolls back to last 5 seconds instead of last 60
  • fixed rare crash in Windows build when closing a settings window too soon after a spinbox change
  • fixed text entry box maximum length inconsistencies when using extended Unicode characters
  • better Channel and Transfer peer removal algorithm, allows for more chances at hole-punch if total peer count is low
  • fixed problems in Channel and Transfer peer DHT search result processing that would too aggressively throttle peer creation
  • in main Channels list, several new optional columns
  • icon for indication of current streaming status in Channels list
  • new Users tab for Channels, with several sortable columns and some new buttons
  • new fully-featured Admin Commands window, opened by pressing the Commands button in the Users tab
  • at top of Channel Connections tab, several new buttons
  • options in Connections tab to force DHT search, stop DHT search, or manually add peers
  • chat window now saves all text between program sessions
  • timestamps and join/leave notifications can now be toggled within the backbuffer
  • backbuffer user message name tag is a different color if the user is currently offline
  • chat text entry box changes color if the channel is offline or temporarily disconnected
  • moved several streaming log messages to Event Log tab
  • revised timing of topic change and MOTD messages
  • show user public key in all tooltips
  • new field sttl for Channel info control directive, which controls user cache lifetime
  • better management of Channel user connection cert issuance within the Admin Commands window
  • less CPU usage maintaining aggregate Channel shared link/line counts
  • account for 6to4 when setting narrow/wide network bans for IPv6
  • user level changes take effect much more quickly
  • fast user share data re-caching after level changes from Basic or lower to Normal or higher
  • fixed crash in Forum tab when messages become de-synced from current user list
  • eliminated time reminder and user name prompt first time Channels are run
  • fully revised Contacts view
  • new Ignore system, accessible from the contacts top button menu
  • ignored Channel users and Transfer peer IPs managed in same view
  • user Browse window has been completely re-done
  • nearly instant user Browse, even if they are sharing the maximum limit
  • new Browse find-bar, and keyboard shortcuts Ctrl-F and F3 / Shift-F3
  • completely new and much faster multi-line color text control that provides chat message views and user browse view
  • fixed problem with tree view column sort indicators not initially showing in GTK build
  • eliminated throttle reminder popup on first startup
  • fixed problems with treeview single-column mode not using full width of available space until resized
  • minor adjustment to editbox height in filter bars and search view
  • fixed problem in Windows build with control focus becoming de-synced when a child modal window is destroyed
  • fixed problem in GTK build with control lose-focus notification being lost during modal window destruction, preventing final save
  • minor updates to Dark and Light color themes
  • several other minor tweaks and adjustments throughout the GUI
  • updated IP-location tables
More updates are on the way.

Thanks for using Tixati!

January 15, 2022

Tixati version 2.88 is now available. The following changes have been made:
  • additional Transfer checks to detect inconsistent file structure after downloading metadata
  • fixed crash when Transfer metadata is reloaded from config file with incorrect file sizes or misaligned piece layout
  • new optional Transfer columns to show known peer and seed counts
  • complete re-write of Channel user shared data and Channel Information message caching
  • much lower Channel memory usage for large shared data sets
  • smaller channels.dat config file, faster loading on program startup
  • re-wrote all routines for synchronization of Channel Information and user shared data
  • faster updating of Channel Information tab between v2.88 or newer clients
  • much faster and more reliable updating of Channel user shared data
  • slightly lower bandwidth usage for Channel connections
  • fixed minor display problems when browsing incomplete Channel user shared data, especially with incomplete images
  • all Channels now default to 10-year shared data time to live
  • when switching Channels in list view, now correctly preserves and restores text from outgoing chat message edit box in lower tab
  • fixed link parsing in Channel output text so that leading or trailing special chars won't be included
  • fixed minor sorting problems in Channel forum tab
  • major re-write of some Windows and GTK control classes to fix problems with handle destroy sequencing in complex layouts
  • fixed crash when program is closed while an open Settings window has unflushed proxy settings
  • better maintenance routines for rate limiters for incoming connections and torrent hole-punching, should use less RAM
  • when program is closing in GTK build, the message pump is now forcibly cleared, so that any open property windows disappear without delay
  • upon quitting program, app-lock is now released immediately before config save, so the wait dialog will reliably appear on quick re-launch
  • several improvements to CPU and memory state diagnostic profiling, far more accurate readings in the Channels and Netbase categories
  • updated IP location tables
More to come soon.

Thanks for using Tixati!

December 10, 2021

Tixati version 2.87 is now available. Several improvements have been made:
  • in the Transfers view Layout > Select Columns dialog, added new tab for optional Files view columns
  • added optional Location column to Transfers view and Files view
  • added optional Move On Complete column to Transfers view and Files view
  • in Peers view, renamed Location column to Country
  • show full paths for tooltip for Location and Move On Complete columns
  • new built-in crash reporter for Windows builds, separate errorreporter.exe no longer needed
  • fixed problems with UPNP client due to improper ordering of some XML fields in requests
  • added an fsync call before checking file last-modified time changes on some filesystems
  • eliminated redundant fsync calls in some of the transfer file-moving routines
  • much better formatting of dsc/fopnu/darkmx links and tooltips in chat rooms, forums, and private messages
  • full colortext support in Channel topics, chat rooms, forums, private messages
  • better editing controls for Channel Information
  • better handling of editing incomplete Channel Information submitted by another manager/owner
  • when adding links/images to top of Channel Info or Channel Share, insertion point is now always below header directives
  • fixed minor Channel topic signing problems that could prevent auto-generation of signatures under certain conditions
  • much better display of incomplete Channel Info / Share data when images are not complete, now collapses all base64 data lines
  • fixed numerous Channel Information synchronization problems when there are multiple owners present
  • fixed problems with lost unsaved changes when editing Channel Info / Share in lower tabs and switching channels
  • force top-scroll and select in Channels list view when a new channel is added
  • minor network error-handling and fallback improvements for older Windows XP systems that do not support IPv6
  • raised default simultaneous outgoing TCP connection limit on Windows 7 or newer systems
  • fixed problems on Windows version with event log and chat room text disappearing after color settings changed
  • fixed RSS sorting problems in the Last Update column
  • in Linux version corrected minor problems with file association .desktop file and auto-startup .desktop file
  • better configuration path options for Linux builds
  • several other minor fixes and adjustments in the GUI
We are working on many more improvements to the Channels system. There will be another release soon.

Thanks for using Tixati!

October 28, 2021

Tixati version 2.86 is now available. The following changes have been made:
  • fixed several rendering problems with bandwidth/memory/CPU graphs when displaying large quantities
  • fixed problems with mouse-wheel scrolling on Windows 7 and older
  • fixed message-loop recursion problem in Windows 7 that could eventually lead to a crash
  • minor fixes and optimizations to the internal HTTP client used for trackers, RSS, IP Filter updater
  • updated TLS libraries used for general HTTPS outgoing connections and WebUI HTTPS server
  • major overhaul of WebUI
  • added Categories to WebUI, including ability to add, remove, filter, move transfers, and more
  • transfer names in WebUI now show indicators for private, partial, or created
  • peer lists in WebUI show additional information such as flag, location
  • much better list layout in WebUI, with more compact output and tooltips for extra-long names
  • new WebUI HTML template file auto-inline CSS support to avoid flicker when loading
  • auto-generated TLS certs used for WebUI HTTPS server now use SHA256
  • numerous other minor WebUI fixes and improvements
  • fixed bug in GTK file selection dialogs that would prevent last location from being remembered
  • minor fixes in the GUI Add Category window
  • updated built-in IP location tables
Thanks for using Tixati!